Paramount Limo

Paramount Limousine SVCS
The mercedes s - class is driving on a city street.

Mercedes Maybach

Number of Passengers: 2

From a warm welcome to a “hot stone” massage, every moment in a Maybach is time well spent. Legroom is expensive, with room to recline as you enjoy the extensive amenities If you thought Mercedes-Benz cars were luxurious, the Mercedes-Maybach lineup will knock your socks off with even more exquisitely tailored interior furnishings. A Mercedes-Maybach is what celebrities or royalty might choose to be chauffeured in. Among Maybach features is the extended interior ambient lighting for the rear cabin, an extended leather package, leather-covered seat consoles, and door sills, and a combination of wood and leather for the steering wheel to complete the sophisticated but sleek ambiance of the Maybach’s interior.

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